Aaron Norfolk, 20.1 Cover Artist

Aaron Norfolk’s paintings are filled with aliens, queens, mythos, tragic heroes, and woodland creatures in varied landscapes filtered through an expansive pictorial language; interiors inhabited by preternatural humans imbued with strange abilities. Shifting vantage points house planar beings in mysterious circumstances, while his portraits form an array of formal
possibilities and geometries. Welcome to an absurd theater—a world only possible in paint.

Based in Boston, Norfolk has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles, Tel Aviv, and other locales, with reviews in the Boston Globe and Haaretz. He will present a solo show this summer (May 21–Aug 13, 2023) at the Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, MA.


The Tea Queen is a portrait inspired by the courageous efforts and success of a dear friend. Her passion, through great efforts of her own, won out over the adversities that impeded her. Enthroned, she now sits victorious over the tea plants whose care to which she has willfully dedicated her life.

Tea Queen — oil on panel, 50″x40″ — 2021