Redivider 18.2

Cover Art

Empty Spaces by Jaina Cipriano

Blurred Genre Contest Winners 2020

This Is Not For You
Hudson Cooke ~ Winner

A Sensitive Boy
Michael Pearce ~ Runner Up


The Profound Silence
Alexandra Noe

How High?
Will Ejzak

Replaceable Parts
Kim Ravold


If Birds Can’t Survive
Kaitlyn Teer

Our Deepest Sympathy
Zachary F. Gerberick

Still Life
Sarah Fawn Montgomery

Tell Her
Georgia Cloepfil

The Weight of Secret Wishes and Spoken Words
S. Miriam Merces

Graphic Narrative & Illustrated Poetry

Cormorant Eyes
Gray Campbell & Julian Witts

The Bitter Bug
Ryan McCabe & Aidan Terry

Duplex Choreography for Bad Dances and Lovers
Elisabeth Graham


Amy Williams

Time Travelers
Margaret Zhang

Spell’s Request
Kaitlyn Von Behren

Devanshi Khetarpal

Dead Hypothetical Lover
Brendon Booth-Jones

After the Change
Donna Vorreyer

Ruth Williams

I Love the Dark Hours of My Being
Romana Iorga

Boys Catch Girls
Ivan Amaya-Hobson

Showcase Showdown
Matthew Gilbert