Redivider seeks previously unpublished works from new, emerging, and established writers and artists. Our reading periods are July–October and December–March. We welcome simultaneous submissions.

While our fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and graphic narrative editors have the final say on what is and isn’t published, each team evaluates submissions deliberatively, in a “workshop” format, and votes as a democratic body on what to recommend for publication. Given this process, please submit no more than one piece per submission window.

We will not consider submissions that include prejudice, racism, xenophobia, classism, sexism, ableism, fat-shaming, homophobia, transphobia, or excessive violence. We reserve the right to reject such submissions outright and refuse further submissions from the author. We also reserve the right to remove content from our journal if an author is known to be harassing or abusive.

Submission Guidelines

Fiction and Nonfiction

Please submit pieces no more than 6,000 words long, 12-pt double-spaced serifed typeface (we are perfectly happy to read in Times New Roman). We do accept flash fiction, up to three pieces in one document.

We seek pieces that are at once engaging, idiosyncratic, and humane. While our stories can range from the comically absurd to the understated and contemplative, we especially have a fondness for sharply drawn characters, alien but fully realized settings, and concentrated efforts to transgress the trappings of what has come to be known as “literary fiction.”


Please submit no more than five poems per submission, up to ten pages, as a single document. We can publish poetry featuring complex enjambment and indentation, but please be reasonable with longer poems, as each work must be carefully typeset, line-by-line, to show up as the artist intended on a web page.

We are looking for new and under-published voices. Submit what you’re worried to send elsewhere—we want poems with teeth. 

Graphic Narrative & illustrated poetry

Please submit no more than fifteen pages of illustrated works—drawn or digital. We will accept graphics filetypes but pdf is preferred to maintain pagination. Keep in mind there are limitations to the art we can feature online at this time, so ideally the work can be read in a top-to-bottom, blog type of scrolling graphic. If a graphic piece requires readers to pinch and zoom, we may not be able to accept it.

We are happy to accept graphic media that is darkly serious or brightly humorous, on any topic or theme. We do read for a largely adult audience, so works with complex, emotional, and “literary” themes will be preferred over superheroes and gags.

Send us your work!

Please submit via our Submittable page. We currently cannot accept emailed submissions.