General Submission Guidelines

Please submit your work through the Submittable page only. Redivider will not accept work through email or USPS. We welcome simultaneous submissions.

We are looking for new and under-published voices. Submit what you’re worried to send elsewhere. We want pieces that are nonobvious and circumvent the familiar, that breakthrough abstraction to examine a moment or concept from the side, rather than straight on. All submissions must be standalone pieces (no excerpts), although we accept single poems from a larger series of works.

Things we wish we saw more:
• Endings that stick with the reader
• Characters with complex motives
• Narratives with high stakes
• Consistent voice throughout the piece
• Pieces that reflect wider views and deal with current cultural and political discourses
• Revealing core truths in an unexpected way
• Making the familiar unfamiliar

Things we already see a lot of:
• Stories about illness
• Privileged family fiction
• Descriptions of the sun and its rays and the color of the sky on the opening page
• Poems about birds

Redivider will not consider submissions that endorse prejudice, racism, xenophobia, classism, sexism, ableism, fat-shaming, homophobia, or gratuitous violence. We reserve the right to reject such submissions outright and reject further submissions from the author. We also reserve the right to remove content from our journal if an author is known to be harassing or abusive. We do not accept plagiarized content in any form for publication in our journal. Any submitters known to submit plagiarized work will be blacklisted from all current and future publications at Redivider. Redivider does not accept work that has been even partially created with the use of AI.

Authors will receive a contract upon acceptance. Redivider requests first serial rights, and all rights revert back to the author upon publication. Authors retain copyright to their work published in Redivider. If the work is later republished, we request that you note its initial publication in Redivider. We also request the right, with author permission, to use your work for promotional purposes. We ask that authors who are accepted with us wait 2 years before submitting work again.

Poetry (10-12 per issue)

Length guidelines: 5 poems, 10 pages max
Please submit no more than five poems per submission, up to ten pages, as a single document. We can publish poetry featuring complex enjambment and indentation, but please be reasonable with longer poems, as each work must be carefully typeset, line-by-line, to show up as the artist intended on a web page.

Fiction (4 per issue)

Word count: 1,200–6,000 words
Please submit one short fiction piece at a time. Stories shorter than 1,200 words should be submitted under Flash Fiction. Texts should be double-spaced in 12pt Times New Roman or a similar serif typeface. Redivider will happily consider genre writing with strong enough prose, though hard science fiction, high fantasy, and tawdry romance will probably fit better at another journal.

Flash Fiction (2 per issue)

Word count: 1,200 words or less
Please submit no more than three flash fiction pieces per submission. These pieces will be evaluated by the Redivider Fiction Team and published in a dedicated section apart from other full-length short fiction. Texts should be double-spaced in 12pt Times New Roman or a similar serif typeface.

Memoir & Personal Essay (3 per issue)

Word count: 6,000 words or less
Please submit a single piece of nonfiction personal essay or memoir to this category. Texts should be double-spaced in 12pt Times New Roman or a similar serif typeface. Journalistic works, criticism and commentary, and texts containing substantial background research should be submitted under Cultural Critique.

Cultural Critique (2 per issue)

Word count: 8,000 words or less
Please submit a single piece of cultural commentary or critique. We accept both casual and academic-style manuscripts for this genre. These may be essays regarding US or non-US culture. Texts should be double-spaced in 12pt Times New Roman or a similar serif typeface.

Memoirs and personal essays should be submitted under that category.

Blurred Genre Summer Mini Issue
(6-8 per summer mini issue)

Redivider’s Blurred Genre summer special edition explores the fluid boundaries between genres. We welcome all hybrid, genre-blurring and experimental work. Submit your flash nonfiction, visual sci-fi poetry, memoir comics, mixed-media fiction collage with a dash of cultural critique, digital or drawn media—all fall in the broad spectrum of possibilities!

Please send us one piece per submission of 3,000 words or less (ten pages or less of graphic media). All submissions must be the author’s original, unpublished work.

In your cover letter, please specify in a sentence how your submitted piece blurs the line between textual genre.

Submissions will be open from May 1 to June 1. The issue will be released in late summer.

Cover Art

Image count: 6 images or less
The cover art will be used in both the online and print editions of the issue. Art submissions can be uploaded as six separate attachments in one submission or, preferably, in a single .ZIP file—please do not send multiple submissions. Please save original images for each piece as a separate .TIF file no larger than 6 x 9 inches and at a resolution of 600dpi for line art and 300 dpi for all others. If your piece is chosen for the cover, you may be contacted for a larger file. Digital submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered. Please email us with questions or for alternate submission methods.