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Who We Are

Redivider is run by graduate students at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We are passionate about creating space for both emerging and established authors and artists to showcase their work. The journal was founded in 1986, originally as the Beacon Street Review, and renamed as Redivider in 2004. We currently publish online twice per year, as well as a yearly Blurred Genre summer mini issue. We do not publish work from current Emerson College students, faculty, or staff.

Redivider seeks previously unpublished works from emerging or established authors and artists. We are excited to publish underrepresented voices as well as “offbeat” texts, art, and hybrid works. Please see each division’s guidelines on our Submission’s page.


Our mission at Redivider is to foster a creative community and accessibility in our literary journal space. We crave fresh, off-beat, and inventive art and words that challenge what defines what should be valued both within and across literary genres.

We feel that sharing writing and art in an accessible manner, in both online and print formats, supports our mission to build community with those outside our Emerson cohorts. Because we are formed from graduate programs across Emerson, we provide a door to opportunities for entering the publishing world in all different capacities and roles. We work to continue to publish with authors from all backgrounds. We want to be a space for authors to share vulnerable, high-stakes, and connected perspectives in their stories and art that may have once been thought to be unwelcome in the literary world.



Editor-in-Chief — Katie Mihalek
Publisher — TBA
Chief of Staff & Sustainability — Vivian Walman-Randall

Editorial Division

Managing Editor — Cameron Schoettle

Fiction Team

Fiction Editor — Lucy Kenig-Zeisler
Assistant Fiction Editor — TBA
Senior Readers — Amanda Langell, Leyla Hamedi, Jasmine Basuel
General Readers — Dikshya Pattnaik, Emily Zebrowski, Isabel Warner, Charlotte Jones, Jessie Metcalf, Robin Van Impe, Elise Rabalais, Tess Rossi, Abigail McGovern, Emily Goyanes, Alice Wedell, Grace Zhu, Nina Serafini, Nathaniel DeChambeau, Katie McGuire, Maia Cataldo, Niharika Prabhakar, Lexiss Morgan, Amber Morrison, Oliver Willham, Matt Albren

Poetry Team

Poetry Editor — Lane Porter
Assistant Poetry Editor — TBA
Senior Readers — TBA
General Readers — Ally Chua, Holly Walker, Carmen Pedrero, Courtney Levan, Cameo Napoli, Anna Phillips, Maggie Burke, Hannah Nuce, Maira Asaad, Zoe Hanquier, Elisabeth Graham, Haley Brock, Jade Chin

Nonfiction Team

Nonfiction Editor — Alex Leiseca
Assistant Nonfiction Editor — TBA
Senior Readers — TBA
General Readers — Kenyon Geiger, Ciera Miller, Abby Mills, Alexandra Ashe, Tushar Gidwani, Ember-Reece Richardson, Natalie Prieb, Mary Ross

Production Division

Production Director — Miriam Taveras
Digital Director — Sarah Lewis
WordPress Editors — Abigail Lange, Lynsey Kirk
Layout Designer — Ethan Smith
Art Director — Dru Forbes
Marketing & Outreach Directors — Carla Pelino, Evabelle Okipidi
Social Media Director — Daniel Melin
Video Producer — Zayan Agha
Graphic Designer — Sydnee Ellison
Social Media Content Developers — Noah Diamond, Abhi Suresh
Copy Chief — Miriam Taveras
Copyeditors — Joanna Buoniconti, Zoe Hanquier, Tochukwu Okafor, Emily Zebrowski, Madison Mondeaux, Patti Myatt, Katherine Holmes

Staff & Sustainability Division

Recruitment Director — TBA

Faculty Advisor — John Rodzvilla