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  • How we manufactured love

    by Lucy Zhang Lucy Zhang writes, codes, and watches anime. Her work has appeared in Portland Review, Orca, The Suburban Review, Milk Candy Review, and elsewhere, and was selected for Best Microfiction 2021 and Best Small Fictions 2021. She edits for Barren Magazine, Heavy Feather Review, and Pithead Chapel. Find her at or on […]

  • The Garden

    by Carolyn Supinka Carolyn Supinka is a writer and visual artist. She is a former Fulbright Scholar and received an MFA from Oregon State University, where she was the recipient of a Provost’s Distinguished Fellowship. Her work has recently been published in Hobart, The Hunger, Radar Poetry, and Sixth Finch. She is the co-editor of […]

  • Ghost Gifts

    by Hollie Dugas In other words, objects I’ve given away coming back to haunt me, their tiny transient spirits tied to me by thread, coming back to play now that our lives are separate from one another—some kind of knickknack karma. In other words, it’s uncanny; another woman handling my trinkets, like the duo of elephant figurines, hand-painted with red dress and bow, bought […]

  • Equinox / Antidote

    by Christian Sommartino Ever since the emergency room,I’ve stayed up late, with my ear to your chest, listening with my makeshift stethoscope. Your breath is the hushed battle of crocusesbreaching through layers of slush and mudto poke their defiant beauty into the dawn. I hear legions of blizzards leaving almanacs of snow and silence inside your lungs, attempting […]

  • Examine Your Own Necks

    by Richard Prins —A pantoum found in Dr. Martin Tobin’s testimony at Derek Chauvin’s trial I’m primarily interested in breathing.It’s what you have to dowhen everything else is failing.Mr. Floyd has his face rammed into the street. It’s what you have to doto get air moving in and out.Mr. Floyd has his face rammed into […]

  • Nocturne: Coronado Bay

    by D.S Waldman Far dryness of the moon, cold                                                                 and hanging. Its distortion                 on the […]

  • My Father’s Photography

    by Rebecca Ruth Gould My father liked to photograph the snippet—not the fullness—of the instant. On weekends and holidays,we built archives in our basement. Our darkroom chamberbecame an alchemist’s paradise.Ammonia bleached dark film light.His gloves were pulled tight. My plastic-clad wrists were tapedso fluids wouldn’t seep in& damage my childhood skin.I imitated his every movement. […]

  • Let’s Please Live a Long Time

    by Brett Hanley Our new dog, home two weeks from the shelter,buries each of the bones we give her in the yard,as soon as they’re in her possession, as if the joythey might bring is confusing and too much. A single creep of kudzu is making its way across the same yard, and I ask if we […]

  • History Brings the Heart to Repent

    by Susan Coronel After Aracelis Girmay It is good to praise the grandfather who is dead. Holy love dwelled in your Polish accent, words as thick as shoe polishthat you spat out like a curse, to mimic the villagers who spaton you. War turns even a language ugly. Your holy worldwas my grandmother—your first cousin through […]

  • The Road to Rome

    by Lucy Waigner I swallowed fifty aspirin, vomited—red as the August streets of Rome.My mother held my hand as she did when we walked the streets of Rome. A century earlier, no one saw Quentin Compson drown himselfin Mississippi—a place that lives forever, like ancient Greece or Rome. My first day, one of the boys […]