by Kristina Andersson Bicher

Girl squanders her fish sticks
     beats her gums against unjust

     is a gifted bootlicker
her bootlicking is prolific— Father LOOK
     our Girl is a
phenom! Let us toast to her Very Promising Future

her parents feed her
        an enormous chain
she burps gold and they are stung with glee
        when she spits tin, she’s cold-

Girl flips her feathers everywhere
              (to herself: I will join the Spoonbill Revolution— I will be
              Lead Tanager)

Dear, cautions Father, you cannot eat air— Oh Daddy,
you’re dead, why don’t you remember?

Doll, says Mother, let us scrub
                 the sour from your soul        please Mother-may-you

then Girl is a very BAD butterfly

Her kleptocracy hits  the skids
         she is shook
                   by cops
                   till her tinsel falls loose
         [purloined necklace   dime store ring]

o haven’t we… haven’t we     her parents clock
their heads together

Kristina Andersson Bicher’s work has appeared in Ploughshares, Brooklyn Rail, Harvard Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Plume, Denver Quarterly, Narrative, The Atlantic, and others. She is author of the poetry collection She-Giant in the Land of Here-We-Go-Again (MadHat Press, 2020) and translator of Swedish poet Marie Lundquist’s I Walk Around Gathering Up My Garden for the Night (Bitter Oleander Press, 2020). She holds an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College.