Jacelyn Yap, 21.2 Cover Artist

Jacelyn (she/her) is a self-taught visual artist who ditched engineering to make art because of a comic she read. Her artworks have been published by the Commonwealth Foundation’s adda, Chestnut Review, The Lumiere Review, and more. She can be found at https://jacelyn.myportfolio.com/ and on Instagram at @jacelyn.makes.stuff.

Artist’s Statement:
“Enmeshed 02” explores perspectives and intersections, drawing inspiration from the Penrose Triangle. The second in the “Enmeshed” pair of artworks, this piece uses geometric shapes, vibrant gradients, and optical illusion to provide a sense of dynamism.

Drastic changes can happen even as we passively move through life, and before we know it, we might have crossed from one phase of life to another. Transitions may not feel as drastic as we realise later on in reflection. It’s more convenient when life is clear-cut, but boundaries may not be as clear as we imagine them to be. Enmeshed is a playful exploration of these ideas. The inspiration for “Enmeshed 02” was conceived with input from Chris @chris_chross.