Redivider 10.1

Beacon Street Prize
Mathematics for Nymphomaniacs
Tasha Matsumoto
Beacon Street Prize
Nan Becker
AWP Chicago 2012 Quickie Contest Winner
Continuation High
Brandon Downing and Drew Swenhaugen


Glow in the Dark
Jen Hirt

Thirteenth Street and Falling
M. Owens

The Pickup
C. Ronald Edwards

Book Reviews

I Take Back the Sponge Cake: A Lyrical Choose Your Own Adventure, Louise Erdrich and Sierra Nelson
Charlotte Seley

Letters to Kelly Clarkson, Julia Bloch
Charlotte Seley

The Attic, Danilo Kiš, trans. John K. Cox
Peter Jurmu


Jackie Corley

Diane Cook

Mummy Porn
Glenn Shaheen

False Teeth
Glenn Shaheen

Celeste Celeste
Glenn Shaheen

The Cutting Down Is a Conceit
Rae Bryant

City of Laughter
Sequoia Nagamatsu

The Lost Caves of St. Louis
Anne Valente

Questing Beast
Emily Kiernan


Jennifer Perrine

Hypothetical #6
Ben McClendon

Meghan Privitello

Please Wear Proper Attire
Meghan Privitello

I Was Not Even Born When You Were Obscure
Nick Sturm and Wendy Xu

As If She Has Two Marbles In Her Ears
Christopher Watkins


Betrothal of the Virgins
Dmitry Borshch

Brooklyn Bridge at Night
Heather Kresge

Daughters of the Dust
Dmitry Borshch

Elize Simon
Heather Kresge

Evening in the Skin
Jacob Oet

Jacob Oet

Star Map
Nicole O’Connor

The New Promise // 5
Joshua Helms

From Pink & Grey
Dan Boehl

Rob MacDonald

My Mina Joy
Jeff Alessandrelli

The Mind Is a Dull Scissor
Monika Zobel

Queen of the Game
Kim Addonizio