Redivider 11.2

Cover art — The 14 Gauge Traditional Revolt, by Brett Stout


My Beard
Eric Braun

Dream of the Progenitors
Louis Cancelmi

What Dad Says
Amy Kinner

Prairie Fugue
Gabrielle Hovendon

Shooting Shirley Zabka
Hunter Choate

Catch What You Can
Maurice Carlos Ruffin


Caitlin Levison McGuire

Experiments in Sponge Cake
Jonathon Irpino

What if You Are Wrong
Marion Wink

Methods of Anonymity
Eric Tran


Craig Sullender

The Nude as Champagne Swallow
Lauren Hilger

It’s Spring and My Father is Driving a Blade
Elizabeth Breen

North Country Song
John Abbot

My Mother, Made of Air
Ronda Broatch

Upon whose mouth will what we need be placed
Adam Million

Voyage to Goldilocks Planet
Erin Hoover

Jenny Sadre-Orafai

Lament at Gettysburg
Matt Morton

I Get This Once a Week
Kate Magnolia Glasgow

Old Creation
Emily Hylton

Elegy for What Adapts
Regina DiPerna


Woman by a Light
Brett Taylor

What Hides Behind the Minutes
Andrew Robertson

Old Woman
Andrew Robertson

Andrew Robertson

Giant Gestalt Squid
Ansel Oommen