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Beacon Street Prize Winners Spring 2018

First Place
Swell (Excerpt)
Keith Wilson
Second Place
10th Grade
Michael Sarinsky
Third Place
Cat Leeches


Mary Taugher

Captain America’s Missing Fingers
Molly Olguin

Catch and Release
Christopher Amenta

Christine Waresak

Graphic Narrative

Wall Street at Night
Lola Ridge and Chaille Stovall


Sara Petersen

Susanna Space

You, Me, and Your Pet Otter
Vanessa Saunders

Mary Peelen

Bird, the plectrum, some taut electric line hum—
Chandler Lewis

I Am a Black Woman But That is Not All I Am
Jas Breece

Courtesy of Cosmopolitan: 24 Big Bang Sex Tips
Andrew Bertaina

My Dida
Rani Neutill


July, July!
Eve L. Ewing

What I Love About Myself I Look for In Others
Philip Schaefer

These Lines
Heather Bartlett

Smoking a Dead Friend’s Cigarette
Ariel Francisco

The Eaglet of Caucus
Keith Wilson

When Are the Astronauts Going to Mars?
Lorena Parker Matejowsky

The Beet
Jane Wong

Caroline Crew

In the Dream Where I Wake Up in My Physics Class Naked
torrin a. greathouse

How to Write a First Poem about Cancer
Dan Collins

Caryatid Chords, Yellow of Yew
Taylor Micks

american protest
Keith Wilson

Everything Here Is an Absolute
Zeina Hashem Beck

This Way of Touching
Isabelle Shepherd

The Pretender
Matthew Lippman

Zaghareed: A Chronology
Lena Tuffaha

Not a Blessing
Ariel Francisco