Redivider 4.2

Cover art — Light, by Helen Kim


The First Time I Lied
Elizabeth J. Colen

Black Magic
Felicia C. Sullivan


Pablo Medina
Meghan Dunn

Tao Lin
Kathleen Rooney

Book Reviews

Drunk in Sunlight by Daniel Anderson
Jason Lapeze

White Panties, Dead Friends & Other Bits & Pieces of Love by Bobby Byrd
Joe Gallagher

Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier
Elaine Kornbau

Wake Wake Wake by Valerie Nieman
Grace Schauer

The Lions Gate: Selected Poems of Titos Patrkios, translated by Christopher Bakken and Roula Konsolaki
Cam Terwilliger

To Repel Ghosts (The Remix) by Kevin Young
Michael S. Hennessey


The Sinking Robert
Rob Phelps

Claudia Smith

Kim Chinquee

Giving Most of It Away
Kim Chinquee

Careless Daughters
Sarah Gerkensmeyer

The Bodies We Belong To
Scott McCabe

Alex Ortolani

Bus Stop
Julianna Baggott

The Faulty Builder
Benjamin Percy


The Walls
Matthew Henriksen

Computer Model for Human Extinction; or: Notes of Apology to Tom DeHaven
Craig Beaven

Jae Newman

XOXO Los Angeles
Ian Harris

1776 Sea Battles
Ian Harris

Blue Boy
Susan Roberts

Apodosis and the Ocean Waves
Derek Mong

A Little Music
Jason Stumpf

My Nightmare
Paul Guest

The Skywriter
Josiah Bancroft

The Spotting Scope
Jonathan Johnson

[Somewhere Rain Becomes Ice, Further On, the Ice Becomes]
Adam Clay

Parallel cardinals in the crabapple tree…
David Swerdlow

Western Fragment
Tracy K. Smith

Allison Titus

I Sense a Second Heart
Darcie Dennigan

Mrs. Z.’s Ghost Appears in Mrs. Z.’s Lilacs
John Surwiecki

Between the Touch of One Lover…
George Looney

She’s Crazy With the Heat
Marilyn Nelson

Take the A-Train
Marilyn Nelson

Wal-Mart Blues
Matthew Kaberline

Satchel Paige on the Mound
Matthew Kaberline

Alternate Featurette, Suspiria
Keith Montesano

Elegy Beginning with and E-mail to Jamie Gillis
Keith Montesano


Wall (Bologna, Italy)
John Martino

Little Brother Is Watching
John Martino

Left and Leaving
Catherine Roach

My City in 1,000 Words
Catherine Roach

Douglas Ljungkvist

Douglas Ljungkvist

Mario Stabio

Mario Stabio

Bailey Saliwanchik

Winter Painting
Bailey Saliwanchik

Sherman Street
Bailey Saliwanchik

Helen Kim

Helen Kim

Helen Kim

Botanical Garden
Sheila Sondik

Las Vegas (Transitional Beauty)
Katy Allgeyer

The Appeasement” and “The Will of the Wheel
Aydasara Ortega