Redivider 5.1

Cover art — The Seagull, by Rene George Vasicek


Poor Yorick
Adriann Ranta

The Ends of Terror
James Allen Hall


Michael Martone
Kathleen Rooney

Book Reviews

Scarlet Tanger by Bernadette Mayer
Michael S. Hennessey

The Body is No Machine by Jennifer Perrine
Grace Schauer

Hitler’s Mustache by Peter Davis
Joe Gallagher

Radio Crackling, Radio Gone by Lisa Olstein
Liz Bury

A Peculiar Grace by Jeffrey Lent
James Scott


Jars Joel
James Davis

Debra Liese

Dan Pribble

Knock Out
David James Poissant

Kelly Spitzer

La Maison du Fada
Rebecca Hall

The Hypochondriac’s Husband Has Munchausen’s
Michael Czyzniejewski

The Thing in Her Thumb
Mattox Roesch

Get My Dog
Hannah Tinti


Sandy Longhorn

Touch Me’ Misread as ‘Torch Me’
Sandy Longhorn

Luis, God and the One-Eyed Crow
Bobby Byrd

Dead Mouse Love Poem
Bobby Byrd

The Book of Changes
Bobby Byrd

The Ornithologist’s Confession
George Young

Box Turtle
Ravi Shankar

My Reptile
Catherine Wing

Nighttime Warnings
Jennifer Collins

My Untinely Death: Number 11
Adam Peterson

Poor Translation: Alpine Climb
Amanda Yskamp

The Grammar of Emptiness
Janaka Stucky

Tortilla de Patatas
Doug Ramspeck

Little Odysseus
Dennis Hinrichsen

The Fall
Adonis, translated by Shawkat Toorawa

Sue Standing

Under the Sign Of
Sue Standing

Bridge, Circle
Yvonne Murphy

Anything but String Theory
Nick Courtright

Grey Garden
Elizabeth Spires


Gorette Sousa

Gorette Sousa

World Peach Held
Ernest Williamson

Sydney Opera House #3
Gary Nolan

Ove Arup” and “J. D. Salinger
Joaquín Aldeguer López

Eternity House
Roger Anthony Mapes

Red Tractor
Vesna Longton

Bird’s House
Vesna Longton

Birds of a Feather
Bridget Galway

One Pill Will Make You Larger
Bridget Galway

Things Don’t Add Up
Kim Brown

Tomas Patrick Quigley

City Street
Tomas Patrick Quigley

The Locks
Paul Enright