Redivider 5.2

Cover art — With an Invitation from the Trees, by Chad Walker


Under the White Tablecloth
Matt Siegel

The Hole
Melissa Febos


Ander Monson
Kathleen Rooney

Book Reviews

A Primer on Parallel Lives by Dan Gerber
Will Myers

Refresh, Refresh by Benjamin Percy
Cam Terwilliger

Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson
James Scott

The Devil’s Cookbook by Sue Owen
Jason Lapeze

Dear Regime: Letters to the Islamic Republic by Roger Sedarat
Kristen Hoggart


Priscilla Learns a Lesson
Rachel Cantor

Neale’s Bar
Daniel Gutstein

The Whipping
Daniel Gutstein

Teach Children, Plant Trees
Holly Wilson

The Things You Don’t Know
Pamela Erens

You Beat Me
Sue Williams

Country House
Nathaniel Bellows

Crimes of the Century
Seth Fried

And Then There Are Invisible Meteors
George Singleton


Fixing the Oven
Sarah Green

eleven-page poem
Tao Lin

The Feeling We’ll Know
Zachary Schomburg

Billy Collins

Billy Collins

Our Love is a Wreck
Todd Boss

Making Hay
Bob Watts

Living Nativity
Claudia Emerson

Upper Arcade
Claudia Emerson

Orchid Anatomy
Claudia Emerson

Interstate Cities
Erika Meitner

The Orlando Sonnet
Juan Martinez

Sad Aesthetic
Kevin McFadden

Twilight Box
Jason Bredle

Parable of the Lice
Jeffrey Bean

[The Chapter of the Preface or Introduction]
Mia Nussbaum

Paul Muldoon

The Music in Her
Richard Jordan

The Hierophant of Hartford
Kurt Brown

A Well Worn Prayer
Peter Waldor

How He Made It To Heaven
Tim Lockridge


Remote Control
Ko Smith

Ko Smith

Intersection Spring
Paul Takeuchi

Woman on Escalator
Paul Takeuchi

Shinjuku Stairs
Paul Takeuchi

Jon Kersey

Tattooed Elephant
Lisa Gitelman

Resplendent Quetzal
Lindsay Lamon

Woman with Scar
Vsevelod Aves

The Wallflowers
Sarah Horsfall

Nan: Country House
Nathaniel Bellows

Idea Box
Justin Monroe

Justin Monroe

Bevan Weissman

Sympathy for the Babysitter
Thomas Gorman Sullivan Jr.

No Portrait
Daniel Elisii

Banana Boat
Sarah Legow