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  • Solstice

    by Shannon Sankey Today the light            was brief, and westood to consider it            at the window. The neighbor’s barn            was thirty bluesin quick succession, then            it was over with. I thought of each            of my dead. The house plants shook            and drew breathimperceptibly.             If they signaledsome mild message            to one another,it had probably nothing            to do with us. Shannon Sankey is the author of We Ran Rapturous […]

  • Duplex (The Big Water) / Nest

    by Maya Marshall Duplex (The Big Water) I want to say yes to the river,and live with the knowledge that I am small.             I live with the knowledge that I am small,            with all my good learning. Truth is still hard. With all my good learning, truth is still hard.Sober, I find my mind in disarray.             […]

  • Without Mothering

    by Mariah Perkins I can’t yell at my dog, which has taught me that maybe I could have kids one day because they will have faces. Round cheeks, round jawlines, thick hair—everywhere. They will be like me, their mother. And I will see them. I will see them and think about the time I had […]

  • Bone / Oyster / Ship

    by Mag Gabbert Bone the day my fingers were folded intoa swinging door’s hingeand pressed there like flowers the way my father explainedhis wife’s cancer as if it wereice the way his voice fractured in college my boyfriend’s fathertried to free a horsewith hooves stuck in a cattle guard then it reared from the sparkseach leg snapped like […]

  • Orbital

    by Walter Smelt The moon’s been mulling things overand over. She’s tired of walking around the whole Earth,feeling on her back the seas’ weight.The moon is no longer sure whatshe’s advancing toward. The moonhasn’t spoken to anyone but Neil Armstrongin decades, and she worries she’s forgotten how.The moon didn’t like being walked all over, yetshe […]

  • it all melts down to this: a novel in timelines (Chapter 4)

    by Ben Miller Ben Miller’s prose has appeared in Best American Essays, AGNI, Kenyon Review, Raritan, Southern Review, Antioch Review and New England Review amongst other publications. He is also the author of River Bend Chronicle and the recipient of creative writing fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Radcliffe Institute for […]

  • Linked

    by Rachel D.L. Rachel D. L. is a queer, disabled writer and artist. She writes about disability for the Rooted in Rights blog and has published poetry, nonfiction, and comics in Anomaly, Colorado Review, Nat.Brut, and Entropy. She is an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and occasionally tweets @wordcalculator.

  • Japanese Doll

    by Sam Nakahira Sam Nakahira is an MFA candidate at the Center for Cartoon Studies and a 2019 graduate of Grinnell College. She creates comics based on her interests: food, history, pop culture, and her observations from her daily life and her travels. Her comics have been published by the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, Spiralbound, […]

  • Violet Bloom

    by Sara Ryan violet is a spectral color. one might think the flower was named after the color, but it’s the other way around. violet has its own set of wavelengths on the spectrum of visible light. violet sounds a lot like violent. on the spectrum of visible light, it is between blue and invisible ultraviolet. […]

  • By Diverse Means We Arrive At the Same Enders

    by Jeremy Klemin Lisbon, Portugal: July 8th, 2010       I see my mother’s maiden name everywhere. There are firsts. First cousins and first times hearing another person call my own mother cousin, prima. Is it the first time that I realize she is not just a mother but also a cousin, albeit one diluted by a […]