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  • On Seeing My Favorite Instagram Lesbian Couple Has Broken Up, I Begin to Question Love & Thereafter Unravel

    by Gabrielle Hogan i’m a man of romance.give me a bear,i will split it in two                                     & give you the better half,                                     the half with the teeth & the heart                                     with all its ventricles & coils.                                      that’s how much i like you.look at you.upturned car in the desert, smoke-                                                                           leaked, tarmac-hot.                                     engine neutered,                                     tires fattened by heat.                                      let’s make fat wrecks of each […]

  • The Girl Who Only Sleeps on Planes: A Blog

    by Kelly Lynn Thomas Insomnia Is My First, Middle, and Last Name March 21, 5:13 a.m. I have tried every sleep aid on the market. I have tried every brand of recliner commercially available within the past fifty years. I have tried leaving the vacuum cleaner on next to me. I have tried white noise […]

  • Life in the Deadwood

    by Katherine Ahl       Most people thought that things had just gone back to my not being pregnant. There was going to be a baby, and now there wasn’t. People couldn’t grasp that there was a body to bury. I needed to talk to someone who had been through it and could say I know. I […]

  • Dry Toast Brings the Cavalry

    by Jill Winsby-Fein       My father is coming to dinner.      Tyler is there at the stove in his silk kimono, charring bread on the flame. It is morning, spring, and the house is disheveled and peaceful. The walls are white in the kitchen but glow yellow. The dust ambulates midair.      He hands me a piece of toast, and […]

  • Once Bitten

    by Katie Cortese       Because I once wanted to be a veterinarian (until bio lab), because I flirted with Buddhism (until I spork-speared a tick at Big Bend and felt only relief), because I genuinely love animals, especially dogs, especially floppy-eared, velvet-snouted, clumsy-pawed snugglers like my boyfriend Amit’s beagle mix—I’m the last person I’d expect to […]

  • The Tigers

    by Sean Bernard All this time, we’d been together, and then suddenly we were told to be apart.      We were we, an us, a gathering. All spring long we were a swarm of bees, bouncing through the plum blossoms; we caravanned as camels across the Sahara, we lounged on the front porch, a kindle of kittens. […]