Category: Fiction

  • Beach Reads

    by Corey Farrenkopf Raphael leaves a tattered copy of Dracula in a nook behind the Smiths’ toilet paper rack. The week before, he left The Shining in the Hamiltons’ pool house. He placed his copy of Cthulhu tales in the top dresser drawer of Mrs. Sherman’s wardrobe, beneath lilac lingerie. Raphael cleans vacationers’ homes. Their […]

  • Fish Girls

    by Meghan Callahan It’s a Wednesday night and we’re all in the living room except for Natalie, who is making popcorn over at the microwave. The TV broke last week because of a power surge or something, and the landlord has promised that maintenance is sending someone to repair it, but they’ve been promising to […]

  • The Hollow

    by Carlea Holl-Jensen I don’t remember anything from that summer except the hollow—not the Fourth of July beach party, or our trip to the lighthouse. There are pictures, I know: you and me in our bathing suits and shorts, blinking into the camera while behind us someone sets off fireworks that don’t show up against […]

  • Last Known Tomorrow

    by Larry J. Wormington Your assimilation begins at the Military Enlistment Processing Station, or MEPS. If military service were a lobotomy, MEPS would be the surgical prep area. Upon arrival, you’re stripped to your skivvies and interrogated by the most highly trained and experienced medical professionals indentured servitude can buy. Don’t answer truthfully any questions […]

  • Yoro Speak

    by Matt Hall I.      When the aliens arrived, they came with jobs. Offers for jobs, at least. Earth’s economy had really taken a nosedive those last few decades and because many people had all but given up, the aliens, who looked very human-like beneath those clunky helmets of theirs, were heralded as the Great New Hope […]

  • Periphery

    by Ross Gormley The boy is walking along his usual path to school when he comes upon the small pond, a perfect circle of water, no more than five feet in diameter. Gravel lines its sides. Stones in the center look like tiny black icebergs. Hundreds of tadpoles swim between them. The boy’s shadow alarms […]

  • Such a Good Man

    by Dustin M. Hoffman They told Eggy they’d be calling the cops soon if their missing kid didn’t appear in the next ten minutes. Eggy knew their type, fussy helicopter parents, the rich kind raised on fistfuls of pills and internet, who could afford to be chronically anxious about terrorism and plastic straws in the […]

  • An Inch Too Tight

    by Mary McMyne       As I extract myself—muscle by muscle, inch by inch—from my husband’s embrace, my breath catches in my throat. I’m afraid each small sound will wake him. The scratch of the straw-mattress beneath my knee. The thud of my feet on the floor. His eyes stay closed, as I slip from our cot. […]

  • The Girl Who Only Sleeps on Planes: A Blog

    by Kelly Lynn Thomas Insomnia Is My First, Middle, and Last Name March 21, 5:13 a.m. I have tried every sleep aid on the market. I have tried every brand of recliner commercially available within the past fifty years. I have tried leaving the vacuum cleaner on next to me. I have tried white noise […]

  • Dry Toast Brings the Cavalry

    by Jill Winsby-Fein       My father is coming to dinner.      Tyler is there at the stove in his silk kimono, charring bread on the flame. It is morning, spring, and the house is disheveled and peaceful. The walls are white in the kitchen but glow yellow. The dust ambulates midair.      He hands me a piece of toast, and […]