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Redivider 20.1

Cover art — Tea Queen by Aaron Norfolk


A History of Suffocation
Dylan McNulty-Holmes

Feeding the Animals
Hemmy So

Iceman and My Inner Artist
Michael Brooks

Flash Fiction

All They Take
Laura Leigh Morris

Jaydn DeWald

Cultural Critique

Matthew E. Henry

& Personal Essay

When You Come Out to Your Parents at Age 48
Tippy Rex

What You Deserve
Tina Mortimer

Redivider 20.1 Staff

Editor-in-Chief — Christopher S. Wilson
Managing Editor — Katie Mihalek

Fiction Team
Fiction Editor — Cameron Schoettle
Senior Readers — Lucy Kenig-Zeisler, Amanda Langell
General Readers — Dikshya Pattnaik, Emily Zebrowski, Leyla Hamedi, Vivian Walman-Randall, Jasmine Basuel, Ying Gao, Vivian Walman-Randall, Katelyn Dewberry

Poetry Team
Assistant Poetry Editor — Lane Porter
Senior Readers — Katelyn Dewberry, Zoe Hanquier
General Readers — Fatima Jafar, Carson Young

Nonfiction Team
Assistant Nonfiction Editor — Alex Leiseca
General Readers — Layne Middleton

Production Division
WordPress Editor — Sarah Lewis
Copy Chief — Miriam Tavares
Copyeditors — Joanna Buoniconti, Zoe Hanquier, Tochukwu Okafor, Susan Kuroda
Production Coordinator — Talitha Cargill

Staff Division
Recruitment Director — Vivian Walman-Randall

Faculty Advisor — John Rodzvilla