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  • Deeper

    by Marc Russo Marc Russo is a researcher and teacher at the NC State College of Design. His research focuses on creating stories and the choices creators make in order to deepen the narrative of their work. Marc’s graphic novel Where You Stumble, There Lies Your Treasure is based on the work of Joseph Campbell, […]

  • Her Here (Adventures into the Unknown #35)

    by Johnny Damm Johnny Damm’s piece “Her Here” is part of a larger series called “Failure Biographies,” which profiles failed twentieth century artists. He is also the author of The Science of Things Familiar (The Operating System), named by the Publishers Weekly Critics Poll as one of the best graphic novels of 2017, and chapbooks […]

  • Via Negativa

    by Susanna Donato Remember honeybees, each flying inch of activity, powdery saddlebags fluffed with pollen. The wild bees, their tiny hovers of black and green, are my favorites, but I will miss honey. Remember cheap overseas flights, when you could bring baggage, when you’d never heard of carbon offsets, when you didn’t know every contrail melted […]

  • My Autobiography In Water

    by Ron Riekki       The Sámi for water is cháhci. Liquid is golggus.      The Finn for water is vesi. Liquid is neste.      I’m Sámi and Karelian and Finn. Balkan too. I like to ask people sometimes to name their favorite Karelian writers. Their favorite Finnish movies. Their favorite Sámi poets and Balkan TV shows. And then I listen […]

  • Long Lonely

    by Aimee Seu I don’t know when I learned my father was a pastor who slept with the women in his congregation. Grief was a spare room where we put things.  Inherited memory of my father singing karaoke: O my love, my darling, I’ve hungered for your touch…the Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody, deep untrained voice I […]

  • Inside the Dollhouse

    by Amanda Gaines I didn’t want help. After all, I’d put together the matching yellow couches I’d ordered online in less than two hours, both of which managed to not only stay upright, but hold my weight. The apartment I’d moved into was open and wide. I’d hauled in all the clothes, books, shelves, and […]

  • An Inch Too Tight

    by Mary McMyne       As I extract myself—muscle by muscle, inch by inch—from my husband’s embrace, my breath catches in my throat. I’m afraid each small sound will wake him. The scratch of the straw-mattress beneath my knee. The thud of my feet on the floor. His eyes stay closed, as I slip from our cot. […]

  • Jupiter’s Family of Comets

    by Monica Ong Monica Ong is the author of Silent Anatomies (2015), selected by Joy Harjo as winner of the Kore Press First Book Award in poetry. A Kundiman poetry fellow and an MFA graduate in digital media at the Rhode Island School of Design, Ong has been awarded residencies most recently at the Millay […]

  • The Children

    by Elena Lev FriedlandBlurred Genre 2019 Contest Winner The children the children the mothers wore them like purses like scarves draped over mothers the children All hail the mothers the mothers for they are doing the Lord’s work doing their work in the name of the Lord yes the Lord See the mothers God bless the mothers […]